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Promoting advancement of a sustainable Postal and Express Delivery industry

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Mr.Teong Teck Lean

GD Express Sdn Bhd

The Express Delivery industry is undergoing a challenging time. Business sustainability is at stake as the result of serious price undercutting among the licensed players. As an essential service to the country, the industry needs to be transformed to enhance sustainability and to support the needs of the community. It is our role to be a key driver of economic growth for the country.

In February 2020, AMEC has been appointed by MCMC to undertake the role of managing the Postal Forum. At the same time, MCMC has approved the Chief Secretariat Officer (CSO) of AMEC to take on a dual role for the Postal Forum. The Captains of our industry should take this opportunity to work together to ensure all the stakeholders and consumers are protected.

AMEC is taking the necessary step to revise some of our Articles of the Association to make them more up to date after recent changes of the requirements set by MCMC to administer the Postal Forum and also to empower it to better serve its members. The provisions are updated to meet the current requirements and the future trends of the industry. As such we hope that all the Non-Universal Postal License (courier) holders will join our Association for the benefit of all.

Message from the Chief Secretariat Officer

Chief Secretariat Officer

Dato’ Danial Iskandar

AMEC was founded as a platform for the express services industry to come together as one single body to share ideas and information among its members. We are facing sustained and profound change driven by the new technologies in the industry globally to accommodate the fundamentals of Industry 4.0.

AMEC’s objectives will help to strengthen the relationship between its members and the relevant agencies that regulate the express services industry. We play a key role in steering and addressing issues that affect the industry with the relevant agencies. With the upcoming Postal Forum which has been established and soon to be launched with the initiative and efforts by MCMC and AMEC, we are confident that this Forum will be the avenue to achieve such goals and objectives. On behalf of the President, Office Bearers, Council and all members, it is indeed a privilege and honour for AMEC to work closely with the relevant agencies for the better growth of the express services industry.

Office Bearers


Mr.Teong Teck Lean

GD Express Sdn Bhd


Mr.Ronald Tan

City-Link Express (M) Sdn Bhd

Honorary Secretary

Mr. Peter Chan

M Xpress Sdn Bhd

Deputy Honorary Secretary

Mr. Patrick Wong

ABX Express (M) Sdn Bhd


Mr.Peter Ng

Skynet Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd

Council Members

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